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Dynamics 365 Application Support and Maintenance

Application management services bring in business-relevant application maintenance and support for different models such as Dedicated Support, Shared Support, Shared Services, or Dedicated Service offerings for ongoing application and maintenance of current install base of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our AMS services include:

  • Product enhancements – Adding new functionality (new module, new report, etc.)
  • Production support and application maintenance – corrective maintenance, bug fixes, production support, and coordination with the L1 team where required
What is the purpose of Application Management Services (AMS) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Application Management Services (AMS) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM aim to provide business-relevant maintenance and support for the different models of application management. These models include Dedicated Support, Shared Support, Shared Services, or Dedicated Service offerings. The primary goal is to ensure ongoing application maintenance and support for the existing install base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What types of services are included in your AMS offering for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Our AMS services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM encompass two main categories: a) Product Enhancements: This involves adding new functionality to the CRM system, such as introducing a new module or creating new reports to meet specific business requirements. b) Production Support and Application Maintenance: This includes corrective maintenance, bug fixes, and continuous support to ensure the smooth functioning of the CRM system. Additionally, we coordinate with the L1 team as required for efficient issue resolution.

Which models of application management do you offer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

We offer various application management models to cater to diverse business needs: a) Dedicated Support: A personalized support model where a dedicated team exclusively handles the maintenance and support of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance. b) Shared Support: A cost-effective approach where multiple clients share the same support resources for their CRM systems, allowing for efficient resource allocation. c) Shared Services: In this model, multiple clients benefit from shared support services, and the focus is on leveraging economies of scale to optimize costs and resources. d) Dedicated Service Offerings: Tailored service packages designed to meet specific requirements of individual clients, providing a custom-fit solution for their CRM maintenance needs.

How can my business benefit from your AMS services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

By opting for our AMS services, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Functionality: We continuously add new features and functionalities to your CRM system, ensuring it stays up-to-date with evolving business needs.
  • Seamless Operations: Our proactive production support and maintenance services ensure that any issues or bugs are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth CRM operations.
  • Cost Efficiency: With our flexible AMS models, you can choose the service offering that best fits your budget and requirements, eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  • Expert Support: Our skilled team of CRM specialists provides expert support, allowing your in-house IT team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance tasks.