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Our Product

Loan Origination System

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365/Power Apps.
  • Product Configuration.
  • API Ready – PAN Validation, GSTIN Compliance, Promoter / Director, Financials, Aadhar Validation.
  • Rules-based credit assessment for 29+ financial parameters.
  • Credit approval note, Generation, Distribution & Approval.
  • Identify Process bottlenecks – Workflow-based application processing with comprehensive TAT Analysis.

SmartLoan – Loan Origination, Underwriting, Credit Note Generation and Approval workflow

Product Configurator

  • Define Threshold eligibility such as CIBIL,CMR etc
  • Define Documentation Requirement
  • Define Financial Ratio rules for score calculation

API Ready

  • Automated data fetch from Regulatory sites based on PAN card
  • Cross validation with Aadhar card
  • Multiple GSTN fetch along with Compliance for each GSTN
  • Automatic retrieval of Party invoices
  • Financial Data and Director information retrieval from Regulatory sites

Credit Assessment

  • Automated score calculation based on Financial parameters and Financial Ratio Rules defined for the Product
  • Application/Case rating

Credit Approval Note (CAN)

Generate and Distribute CAN for a workflow based approval process

Guided Business Process

  • Intuitive UI with role based access
  • Gated Process stages